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Sound Off! -- Feb. 28, 2019

The Brandon Sun - 2/28/2019

R.I.P., Joe

Joe Schlesinger, a hero and role model for our young men, is once again at rest in the loving arms of his father and mother. Long live the good deeds and memory of Joe. Rest in peace, Mr. Schlesinger. Canada loves you.

Do not confuse autism with FASD

In response to the article about new court focus on FASD. Question: Why do folks have FASD? Answer: Mothers consume alcohol and often smoke during pregnancy; a fact by now we all know the results. How about some kind of consequence or fine for the parents? I believe those in the autism spectrum need special services beyond the FASD. Let us not confuse autism with FASD. Plus court one day a week in Winnipeg is selfish in all of Manitoba.

Need to enforce these bylaws

It seems like we have zero bylaw enforcement in this town. There are always cords across sidewalks, cars are covered in snow and are plowed around. Every day when I go to pick my kids up from school there is always someone parked in the no-stopping zone. If these bylaw officers are not out enforcing these bylaws, then what do we have them for? They are making $60,000 a year. It is time for the police chief to get on the case of these people and get them to do the job that they are being paid for.

Where have all the good manners gone?

Almost every day, I stop and wonder: Where have good manners gone? When I am entering or leaving a building, I often hold the door open for three or four other people. I am amazed that I receive not even a garbled grunt of acknowledgment -- much less a thank you -- for a little service rendered. Then, in fast food restaurants, I see men eating with their hats on. Do they wear their hats at home? What about the shoppers who park their shopping cart so that both sides of the checkout counter are blocked and I can not load my cart. These and similar discourtesies annoy me a great deal. Maybe I am just old-fashioned and don't realize manners have changed. Maybe a different generation believes they are entitled to have someone hold the door for them, dress the way they want, or occupy as much space as they want without regard for anyone else. Of course, I can imagine they're saying under their breath: "Suck it up, old man."

They just never learn!

The federal Liberals should have learned a lesson or two from the sponsorship scandal that cost Paul Martin a turn in government now the SNC-Lavalin debacle is pummelling Justin Trudeau et al. I hated the Conservative television ads that proclaimed JT "just isn't ready." Seemingly, they were correct. Still has nice hair, though.

No NDP members found

Regarding, "Province Picks Air Services Company." People are upset that Gary Filmon is on the board of the company awarded the air service contract for the province, since he is a former Conservative premier. It would be difficult to pick a company with a board member that was a former NDP member of Parliament as you will only find them on socialist boards, none that are responsible to turn a profit.


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