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Love from Levine: Local Maroon 5 fan meets favorite singer on 'The Voice' set because of big brother

Lompoc Record - 5/4/2019

May 04-- May 4--Four years ago, Jacob Zachmann started a mission to make his younger brother's longtime dream of meeting Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine come true.

David Zachmann, 17, has had a lifetime of health challenges, undergoing 25 surgeries for the rare Hirschsprung's disease while navigating with both autism and Down syndrome.

Through it all, Levine and Maroon 5 have been a bright spot for David.

After multiple unsuccessful attempts to reach Levine's management team, Jacob took to Twitter on March 4, tweeting: "It's my brothers dream to meet @adamlevine. Can you help make it happen?"

On Monday, Jacob fulfilled his mission when David met, high-fived and hugged the singer he idolizes.

Before the airing of the popular NBC show "The Voice," David interacted with Levine, while his family, who originally are from Santa Maria, looked on with appreciation.

"When [Levine] hugged [David], it was like he already knew him," said the brothers' mom, Dawn.

David owns several Maroon 5 shirts and plays the band's songs on his cellphone for six to eight hours straight, according to his brother and mother.

He also dressed up as his favorite singer for Halloween and likes to mimic Levine's on-stage performances at the family's Arroyo Grande home.

David's favorite song to play on his phone is "Animals" by the band.

He's also seen at Small Wonders Daycare in Santa Maria -- where his mom works -- listening to Maroon 5 and expressing his affinity for Levine.

Jacob first decided to reach out to Levine's team in 2015 as a way to give his brother a positive moment, especially after all the surgeries and hospital stays David has endured due to Hirschsprung's disease, which causes nerve cells in the colon to not form completely.

The disease also prevents the digestive system from functioning properly.

It took time and patience to make his brother's dream come true, Jacob said. Four years, to be exact.

The elder brother placed phone calls to Levine's management team, wrote letters to them and sent emails with the hope his younger sibling could have his moment.

But, along came the social media touch, as Jacob sent tweets to "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," "The Voice" and Adam Levine's Twitter account.

That's when someone close to Levine spotted the meet-and-greet request.

"Someone who knew Adam Levine saw it and shared it with him," Jacob explained.

Chris Maguire, from Levine's management team, then showed the singer the images of the fan from the Central Coast and his family's desire for a meeting.

The wish was granted.

From there, the Zachmann family took the trip to Southern California to deliver David his wish.

David excitedly rode down to Los Angeles to visit the set and, as Jacob described it, Levine immediately locked eyes on David as he wandered onto the stage, then told his producers and management crew, "That's my man."

Along with the hugs, pictures and high-fives, David is now one of the 300 people Levine follows on Instagram.

And Levine's warm interaction toward David drew a picture for Dawn: Levine breaks the stereotypes of singers who are standoffish in real life toward the public or fans.

"Celebrities are so used to people going crazy [when they meet them]. Some are sick of it. But [Levine] was so genuine toward [David]. The fact he hugged him showed he cared," Dawn said.

David remains energized following his meeting with the Maroon 5 singer.

"His life is now complete, because he met Adam," Dawn said.


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