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Locals come out to support Autism Walk 2019

North Island Gazette - 5/8/2019

It was truly an event to remember, and it was for a great cause.

Over two dozen North Island locals participated in the Autism Walk 2019, which is an annual awareness campaign to support those who may have invisible or visible disabilities. The Autism Walk, which happened on April 27, started at Carrot Park, looped around town, and then ended at Applewood Ford.

"The awareness this year was to focus on children who isolate themselves because of their visible and invisible disability," said organizer Eddie Lagrosse. "No one really wants to be around them because of some of the things that they may do that others don't," especially when it comes to hobbies or interests.

The walk also supported those youth with disabilities who may be looking for employment but might face barriers in getting a job early on in their life. "If they have a visible or invisible disability, they may have a very hard time," he continued. "Mothers that are taking care of the children for 15 or 20 years when they're ready to come to work they have a hard time because they have to update their education or their career. They have a real challenge getting a job because of it."

He noted that "For some of the young mothers, there's not enough information" on support children with disabilities. "It's not doing anything, just putting money out there if there's no one using the services," he added.

Lagrosse also expressed a need to strengthen relationships with agencies or organizations around the North Island to further support children who have a visible or invisible disability.

Applewood Ford gratefully donated the lunch to those who participated in the walk, a manager at the car dealership briefly noted. The walk has taken place every year for more than 15 years now.

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