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Autism editorial sparks reaction from anti-vaxxer

Comox Valley Record - 4/20/2017

Dear editor,

Re. your editorial in the April 6 Record about autism awareness ( Autism awareness, every day ), in which you reveal the shocking statistics of the near-epidemic rise of autism within the last generation, and particularly the last 10 years. You bid us all to take the time to learn about ASD, and one important way for the public to educate themselves is to learn a lot more about the vaccination programs being mandated for our children, since the rise in autism coincides perfectly with the rise in vaccination programs.

Children following the mandated protocol in the U.S. will have had 69 vaccinations by their teenage years, and they now even vaccinate newborns. These vaccines are now mandatory – so much for the land of the free! As usual Canada is following the states and we must educate ourselves and speak up now before it’s too late.

There is a tremendous amount of independent research now coming to light about the use of our precious children as an unproven experiment, primarily to feed the coffers of the massive pharmaceutical industry. Much of this new research details the damage these vaccines can do, and so many of the heartbreaking tragedies involve autism.

For anyone truly interested in this issue, there is a free week-long online docu-series called The Truth about Vaccines which began April 12; you can Google it for info. Other valuable online documentaries are the recent excellent docu-series Vaccines Revealed, the film Vaxxed: from Cover-up to Catastrophe, and the very moving Trace Amounts, amongst others.

Meanwhile right here in our Valley parental rights to choice have been taken away, as children are not allowed to go to preschool unless they have been vaccinated, and schools are also following suit with this policy of mandatory vaccination. This is a very serious attack on our rights and freedoms, and a very serious health issue for children and parents. Wake up, get educated, and speak up now!

Summer Joy

Comox Valley


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