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Mental health issues dominate RCMP time

Creston Valley Advance - 9/14/2017


Advance Staff

Creston police had another busy summer week, a period dominated by Mental Health Act calls and minor vehicle collisions. In total, RCMP members responded to 101 calls from August 8-14, Const. Shelley Livingstone said on Tuesday.

August 8

• Police were called when an aggressive female refused to leave the hospital emergency department.

• An aggressive unwanted guest in an 11th Avenue North residence was arrested under the Mental Health Act and taken to hospital for observation.

• A seasonal worker reported being harassed by another worker in an Erickson orchard.

• Police responded to the first of many calls from a mentally ill female during the week.

• A green van reported to be driving erratically on Highway 3A was not located.

• Police told a couple who were parting ways in Wynndel that their dispute over possessions was a civil matter.

• A beach blanket, toys and leather pouch containing keys were found on the beach at Lewis Bay.

• A men's gold ring was found in a Northwest Boulevard carwash.

• Police were called to a Lister residence about a possible assault by a youth, but concluded there was no crime.

• Two complaints were received about an erratic driver in Erickson. Police determined the car was westbound and notified the Salmo detachment. The male driver was located and found to be intoxicated. He was issued a 90-day roadside driving prohibition and his vehicle was impounded for 30 days.

• A motorhome broke down at the intersection of Highway 3/21, temporarily disrupting traffic.

• A reported erratic driver was stopped on Northwest Boulevard. The dazed and confused male was arrested under the Mental Health Act and taken to hospital for assessment.

August 9

• A minor two vehicle collision was reported at the Kootenay Bay ferry landing.

• Dirt bikes, reported to be operating on Corn Creek forest service road, contrary to the off-road vehicle ban, were not located.

• No injuries were reported after a minor rear-end collision on Northwest Boulevard at Pine Street.

• A hot, howling dog was reported in an Alberta vehicle on Erickson Road but the vehicle was gone when police arrived.

• An Idaho geocaching enthusiast reported finding a suspicious bag near Highway 21. Police found 33 grams of marijuana and some drug paraphernalia inside.

August 10

• Police received a complaint about a dog barking at night near 16th Avenue and Murdoch Street but could not locate the source.

• A motorcyclist was taken to hospital with injuries after colliding with a deer on Lower Wynndel Road.

• A youth found a syringe wrapped in paper in the 1800 block of Elm Street.

• A requested well-being check on a female resident of Wynndel revealed she was okay.

• A bank deposit bag found outside a Cook Street business was later reunited with the owner.

• Police are investigating a complaint of a possible sexual assault.

• A found purse was returned to its owner.

• Police responded to a report of a domestic disturbance on Simmons Road but determined there was no problem at the residence.

August 11

• Shots reported in the Kingsgate area were found to be made with a rifle whose owner was licensed and shooting in a safe manner.

• An assault complaint was made following an incident on Pine Street.

• A report of an erratic eastbound California vehicle was referred to Cranbrook RCMP.

• No violence was found to have taken place in the 6th Avenue South area when police responded to a report of a domestic dispute.

• A patient with dementia wandered away from the hospital but returned on his own a short time later.

• A motorcyclist was reported to be passing on double solid lines on Highway 3, but was not located.

• Police were called about a suspicious vehicle parked on Highway 3A near Sirdar. The female driver said she was sick and pulled over to rest.

• Reported street racers on 40th Street in Lister were not located, but police did catch an unrelated speeder and gave him a ticket.

• An intoxicated male near the railway tracks behind Cook Street was arrested and held in cells until sober.

• A vehicle clocked at going 120 km per hour in a 60 zone in the 3100 block of Erickson Road was stopped for excessive speeding. The driver got a ticket and the vehicle was impounded for 7 days.

August 12

• A property owner in Erickson suspects seasonal workers are responsible for a theft of garden vegetables.

• A reportedly possibly impaired driver on Northwest Boulevard was not located.

• A trespassing complaint on Cory Road in Wynndel was determined not to be a criminal issue.

• Responding to a report of a possible drug sale on Uri Road, police located a male and searched him, finding small amounts of marijuana and hallucinogenic mushrooms, which were seized.

• Three children on top of the Creston Education Centre roof were climbing down when police arrived. They were warned and sent on their way.

• A male who was warned about smoking near gas pumps on 20th Avenue South made threats against the owner before driving off. He was not located.

• Three dirt bikes reported on Lloyd Road were not found.

• A male driver of a pickup truck was stopped and found to be under the influence of drugs. He was arrested for possessing a controlled substance and gave police a false name. It was determined that he was wanted on a Canada-wide arrest warrant and held in custody until a court appearance.

• An orchard owner in Erickson complained that a vehicle was blocking access to his trees, which needed spraying.

• A person complaining about a neighbour's use of power tools at midday was told that the activity would only be considered a noise violation at night.

August 13

• Police were unable to locate an AB Honda Civic reported to be driving erratically in the 1700 block of Highway 3.

• When police located a reported suspicious vehicle parked at Canyon-Lister Road and Highway 3 they learned the driver had become tired and stopped to take a nap.

• An erratic yellow Hummer was stopped and the driver reported he was having mechanical problems and trying to reach a service station.

August 14

• When police located a truck reported to be passing on double solid lines on Highway 3A near Boswell the driver denied doing so. He was issued a warning.

• A sinkhole was reported at the intersection of Highway 21 and Erickson Road. The Department of Highways was notified.

• A mobility scooter collided with a vehicle in the 1100 block of Canyon Street. The scooter driver was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

• An Erickson resident was issued a ticket for having had an open fire in his yard the previous day.

• A Lister resident complained of noise late at night when neighbours worked on their vehicles.

• A person reported to have stolen a mother and her 7 pups told police he had notified the SPCA about his concerns for the animals' safety.

• A requested well-being check on a 10th Avenue North resident revealed that he had died earlier in the summer, which the concerned friend was not aware of.

• A truck pulling a holiday trailer lost control and went off Highway 3 in the 1300 block, breaking off a utility pole.

• No injuries resulted from a rear-end collision on Highway 3 near Kootenay River Bridge.

• A dispute over a damaged tent arose when a male camper was evicted from a campsite near Yahk.

• A male who was high on mushrooms after the Shambala music festival jumped out of a vehicle near Yahk and ran into the woods. He had earlier tried to get out of the vehicle when it was moving. Police located him and he was arrested under the Mental Health Act and taken to hospital.

• A minor collision on Northwest Boulevard did not result in injuries.


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