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Cloud County CC awarded grant

Salina Journal - 9/17/2017

TOPEKA - Three applicants have been awarded grants from the Tower Foundation totaling $81,979 to support mental health services in Kansas.

In April, Board members met with state mental health and education representatives to discuss the high number of youth suicides and opioid addiction. The 2018 grant awards focus on joint community efforts that target depression, substance abuse and suicide in our school-aged population. This year, the Foundation required applicants to collaborate with one or more local organizations in their efforts.

Pawnee Mental Health Services, which provides mental health services to individuals in 11 counties in north central Kansas, and Cloud County Community College, located in Concordia, were awarded a $11,054 grant that will fund onsite services to assist with recognizing risk factors and warning signs for those experiencing a mental health or substance abuse disorder. The collaboration will partner to make mental health and substance abuse services more accessible to students and to provide mental health first aid training to faculty and staff.

Compass Behavioral Health, which serves 13 counties in Southwest Kansas, partnered with the Ford County Sheriff's Department in Dodge City. Their collaboration was awarded $17,750 to provide mental health support and resources for first responders, including law enforcement, fire fighters, emergency medical responders, dispatch, hospital emergency room personnel, court advocates and counselors. A First Responders Committee composed of multiple local agencies has already begun collaborative efforts to provide training within the six-county 16th Judicial District. This grant will fund crisis debriefing and other trauma support for first responders and their families.


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