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Dynamic duo ready for Olympics

The News Observer - 5/2/2018

The dynamic sibling duo of Renee Seek and Anthony Malone will take on the Special Olympics Track and Field GamesMay 16 at the Fannin County High School Football Stadium.

Malone is a senior while Seek is a junior at Fannin County High School. The active teens both love the running and practice when they can.

Their mom, grandma and aunt try to attend every event the brother and sister participate in, and the siblings said it means a lot to them.

They both agreed that the cheering crowd helps them run faster and jump farther.

The recent bowling showdown was a blast. "I love watching those pins fall," Malone said.

Seek said her favorite memory from past games was when, as an eighth or ninth grader, she and her buddies went to the bowling arcade room to play and eat pizza.

"It is all about having fun and being yourself," Seek said.

When Seek has free time, she enjoys singing and dancing to top-40 radio hits outside. Malone has fun playing on his tablet and listening to music.

Special Education teacher Hope Sowers said, "I'm going to miss Anthony a lot after he graduates and Renee is like a mother hen, wanting to take care of everyone."

Of the games, Sowers, said, "I love the Special Olympics. It's my favorite thing we do. The teamwork and sportsmanship is like none other. They are all winners."

The Fannin County Special Olympics is a yearly event where individuals with special needs, aged 6 to 60 plus, from Blue Ridge Elementary, Mineral Springs Center, Copper Basin Elementary, Fannin County Middle, Fannin County High, Gilmer County Middle, Clear Creek Middle and Gilmer County High come together for two spring events.

Bowling was held in March.

The Track and Field event will commence at the Fannin County High School Football Field on May 16, 2018, with opening ceremonies at 9 a.m.

Sowers said, "Our county does a very good job organizing the Special Olympics events. They put forth a great effort to ensure the kids are well take care of. If anyone has the time to donate, go help out the Special Olympics committee."


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