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Sound Off -- July 31, 2018

The Brandon Sun - 8/1/2018

Good luck to our athletes

I would just like to wish good luck to all the Special Olympics athletes heading to Antigonish, N.S., for nationals. You earned your place representing Manitoba, now go and have fun. We are so proud of each and every one of you.

Separation of church and state?

People who are opposed to the City of Brandon helping local Muslims find, not pay for, a location for a mosque should be enraged by the Province of Manitoba granting $50,000 to a bible camp, or are there different rules for different religions?

Back lane grading disastrous

For years back lanes were maintained to allow as much grass to grow as possible along the sides with only a narrow graveled road in the middle. Common sense was this allowed for minimal erosion during rainstorms, most notably back lanes on inclines. It also allowed for less dust and had a green appeal. Maintenance equipment used was no wider than required to maintain the narrow graveled portion of the back lane. All that changed about three years ago where graders now are almost as wide as the entire back lane. Operators are often seen at a loss how to maneuver gigantic graders which stretch from side to side on the back lanes with only one foot to spare on either side. The end result is loose earth/sand/gravel. Back lanes now appear more like a wide dirt race track. Each time it rains there is tremendous runoff from these lanes into the streets and sewers causing plugged/damaged infrastructure. Homeowners cutting the narrow stretch of grass next to their property have a difficult job as there is a six inch drop from the grass to the lane. Also, where to put the bins, not enough room on the narrow grass portion, not into the lane of traffic, not half way between due to tipping over. Where is common sense?

City's ongoing battle with nature

A few years ago a bush started growing in a roadside drain on the 18th block of 26th Street. Everybody coped but this year it had a growth spurt and the city quickly responded to this new development by placing a traffic barrier in front of it. Unfortunately the growth spurt continues and the bush is now enveloping the barrier. I am fascinated to learn how the city will respond to this ongoing battle with nature.


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