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Community of healing offered at new business in Somerset

The Standard Times - 10/31/2018

Oct. 31--SOMERSET -- At Light House: Mind, Body, Spirit Sanctuary, owners Jessica Andrade, Nicole Barry and Clare O'Brien are creating a community of healing and empowerment for everyone at their location at 1700 G.A.R. Highway.

Barry is a reiki master, O'Brien is a clinical aroma therapist and is a mental health counselor who does holistic mental health healing, and Andrade is also an aroma therapist and does event planning for Light House.

"Selfcare is really overlooked in our society," O'Brien said. "This is a place where people can come to heal themselves and we can help them with different ways to heal."

Light House also offers yoga everyday for adults and children, acupuncture and meditation. O'Brien said they recently did some sessions for people who are new to yoga because she said it can be intimidating to some people. She said the sessions helped to connect people to yoga.

"From that, we've had really good success," O'Brien said. "People have felt comfortable coming to the classes. They were able to overcome that intimidation and fear."

O'Brien said one person who came to Light House said she has tried many different yoga studios, but hasn't felt the same sense of community that she has at Light House.

"A lot of people say that," Barry said.

Barry said one person who came to Light House said the energy in the space felt really good.

Andrade said sometimes people come to Light House for yoga, but then also find out about the other services offered there, like reiki, and try those as well.

O'Brien said that holistic mental health counseling will be incorporated into Light House and she is also talking to a hypnotherapist about providing services.

Light House has a gift shop with essential oils, non-toxic home cleaners, crystals, gems, diffusers, energy medicine tools and selfcare healing books.

"We have everything you need to learn about it and do it, all at the same time," Barry said.

Light House has themes every month. For October, the theme was women's empowerment. In September, a suicide prevention workshop was done.

"We're trying to support our community," Barry said. "That's our whole goal. Everybody needs different supports."

They will be collecting socks during the month of November at Light House to donate to the homeless.

Also in November, Light House will be providing a free yoga session for military veterans. Veteran Heidi Pontes will be leading that session. Other people who are not veterans can take the class for a donation that will be given to a veterans-related charity.

On Shop Small Business Saturday, Light House will have a vendor and craft fair.

Before they started Light House, O'Brien, Andrade and Barry all knew each other from the aroma therapy field. Andrade said they were all working independently from their homes. Barry said they thought they could help more people if they were centrally located in one place. O'Brien said Light House has an atmosphere that is like a home.

"It's just acceptance and meeting people where they're at and walking with them to achieve their personal goals," O'Brien said of the impact that the services offered at Light House have on people.


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