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Mental health board, local school districts ask voters to renew levies

Springfield News-Sun - 11/1/2018

Nov. 01--Mental Health and Recovery Board of Clark, Greene and Madison Counties is asking voters to approve a renewal levy on the Nov. 6 ballot that provides about a quarter of the organization's budget and provides services to about 10,000 area residents.

The 10-year, 1.0-mill levy would generate close to $1.9 million in tax revenue each year and the levy would cost the owner of a $100,000 home about $35 annually, said Greta Mayer, CEO of the board. Mayer said the levy represents 25 percent of the board's total funding for the year.

The board doesn't directly provide services. Instead, it works with representatives from health care, law enforcement, local government and other entities to determine how best to provide and improve services for the region. Funding is then provided to 11 agencies within the counties to provide a variety of services, including mental health drug and alcohol addiction services for area residents.

"It could be anyone in the community," Mayer said of residents who may eventually need services funded by the levy.

Several renewal levies are also on the ballot in Champaign County, including a renewal request for a 0.5-percent income tax levy for operating expenses for the Trial Local School District.

Triad Superintendent Vicki Hoffman said voters first approved the levy in 2005 and have renewed it every five years since. She said it generates $596,109 annually, which covers operating expenses for the district.

Other renewal issues on the ballot in Clark County include:

--A five-year, 1-mill renewal levy in Moorefield Twp. for reconstruction, resurfacing and repair of roads and bridges.

--A five-year, three-mill renewal levy in Pike Twp. for providing and maintaining fire equipment and emergency medical services.

--A five year, 0.5-mill renewal levy in Springfield Twp. for operating ambulance service.

--A five year, 1.0-mill renewal levy in German Twp. for providing police services.

--A five-year, 0.5-mill renewal levy in German Twp. for maintaining roads.

--A five-year, 1.7-mill renewal levy in Mad River Twp. for resurfacing and repair of streets.

--A five-year, 1-mill renewal levy in Bethel Twp. for fire services.

--A five-year, 1.2-mill renewal levy for the Yellow Springs Exempted Village School District for permanent improvement including construction and renovations.

Other issues in Champaign County include:

--A five-year, 3.5-mill renewal levy in the village of Christiansburg for current operating expenses.

--A five-year, 2.5-mill renewal levy in Concord Two, for roads and bridges

--A five-year, 1.5-mill renewal levy in Concord Twp. for fire and ambulance

--A five-year, 0.4-mill renewal levy in Champaign County for the Urbana Champaign Senior Center

--A five-year, 1.5-mill renewal levy in Jackson Twp. for fire services

--A five-year, 1-mill renewal levy in Jackson Twp. for ambulance services

--A five-year, 1-mill renewal levy in Mad River Twp. for fire protection

--A five-year, 1.5-mill renewal levy in Rush Twp. for roads and bridges

--A four-year, 3.8-mill renewal levy in Urbana Twp. for fire services

--A five-year, 1.5-mill renewal levy in Wayne Twp. for roads

--A five-year, 2.5-mill renewal levy for the Johnson St. Paris Fire District for fire protection and emergency services


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