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Maple Ridge skater wins two silvers at Special Olympic Nationals

Maple Ridge News - 3/12/2020

Maple Ridge's Jordyn Flamma did the province of B.C. proud when she danced, glided, spun and jumped her way to two silver figure skating medals at Special Olympics Canada Winter Games Thunder Bay 2020.

The 20-year-old athlete earned silver for her Level 4 free skate and silver for her Level 4 ice dancing on Feb. 26 and Feb. 28 at the most important competition of its kind in Canada.

Team BC coach, Tannis Marshall, has been coaching Flamma for two years now.

"She's very powerful," she said.

"And she loves to listen to music and picks her own music for the free skate."

Flamma is studying music at Douglas College and taking piano lessons.

Design is also a passion of hers and she aids in the creation of her costumes.

For her ice dances, Marshall said Flamma chose a dress with the blue and yellow of Team B.C.

The free skate portion saw the skater/ designer opt for a rainbow coloured dress to go with the song Remember Me from the Disney movie, Coco.

Flamma's mom said she does most of the sewing herself after learning how in a community class, but she does receive some help on the finer points from her sewing teacher, Joys Sooley.

The games were a big deal for Flamma, who gained a degree of independence on the trip.

"It was a good experience because she had to be away from her family for a week," Marshall said.

"Her mom came to watch, and she saw her at the competition venue, but the main purpose of it was that they travelled with the team and stayed with the team."

Due to a terrific performance, it might not be the last time, Flamma travels for a meet.

"She can work towards going to another nationals and maybe going to worlds in the next couple years," Marshall said.

"That could be a goal for her."

For Flamma, goals are made to be conquered.

"I know she loves to skate and she likes being on the ice," her coach said.

"She knows what she wants to work towards; she's very strong minded that way."


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